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Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser


Fully fitted at your premises (inc VAT)


The Ghost immobiliser is a next generation immobiliser that is programmed to the vehicles electronic profile and connects through the CAN-bus or Lin-bus data system to immobilise the car.

A unique changeable Pin code is set, at installation using buttons, Steering wheel controls and switches and is entered to switch off the Ghost and allow the car to start.

There are no visible or traceable parts making the Ghost a completely covert Installation.

The Ghost immobiliser protects your car from key cloning, hacking and key theft.


  • Immobilisation by communicating with the ECU
  • Disarm sequence via buttons on steering wheel / dash
  • No transmitted radio frequency signals
  • Uses the on-board CAN data network
  • User changeable disarm sequence
  • Service / Valet mode means the disarm sequence is never compromised
  • Secure, unique emergency code should the disarm sequence be forgotten
  • Mobile application can connect to 2 phones to allow quick disarm

Smartphone application available



As from 1st March 2020, Ghost immobiliser-II is now TASSA approved (Tracker and Aftermarket security systems association)

All companies and installers are required to be Autowatch approved and registered with TASSA to install the Ghost–II

Registration with TASSA includes Identity and DBS checks on installing engineers.
All Ghost-II installations will be registered with the ISR (International Security Register)
A certificate will be issued via email from TASSA on completion of installation

Ghost Technical Support

Changing your disarm sequence (PIN code) can be done at any time but there are few things that you will need know before you can complete this process successfully.

  1. What buttons are available on your vehicle - this information should have been given to you by your installer as there are variations between vehicle versions and specifications.
  2. Is your vehicle using the alternative to the accelerator input - check the list at the end of this article
  3. What is your indication signal and how fast does it react - some vehicles have slow indications that are fine for normal operation but can be confusing when in sequence change mode, check the end of this article for some examples
  4. Each button press needs to be within 2 seconds of the previous button press otherwise the Ghost will consider the sequence completed
  5. Some buttons are only active up to 5 seconds after the ignition has been switched on
  6. Some buttons require a long press (half a second) before activating, a short press will not register
  7. The disarm sequence can be between 4 and 20 presses of any of the working buttons and buttons can be repeated
  8. The service/valet button however can only be used 4 times in the disarm sequence
  9. Decide what you want your new sequence to be before starting this procedure!

To start the process you need to have either the normal disarm sequence or the emergency override code (on the card)

Using the normal disarm sequence

To enter sequence change mode you need to follow these steps

  1. Switch on the ignition without starting the engine
  2. Enter the current disarm sequence - 2 flash confirmation
  3. Press and hold the accelerator pedal to the floor
  4. Enter the current disarm sequence again - indication will start to flash once every 3 seconds, this means the Ghost is in learn mode
  5. Release the accelerator pedal
  6. Enter the new disarm sequence
  7. Wait for 3 flashes
  8. Enter the new disarm sequence again
  9. 2 flashes confirms that the process was successful, 4 flashes means there was an error. If there was an error the disarm sequence will not be changed.

Using the emergency code

If you have forgotten to disarm sequence or it is not working for whatever reason you can use the emergency code on the black card that came with your Ghost. The number you are looking for is the 4 digit number under the scratch off area. To use this you need to follow the steps provided in the Emergency code help section

Having problems with this?

  1. On new BMW (G chassis) there is no traditional ignition state, to enter the correct mode press quickly the start button 3 times until diagnostic mode is active and the instrument lamps become active.
  2. If the process is not successful you should always be able to use the old disarm sequence, this will not be erased at any point.
  3. Vehicles is alternative inputs for accelerator
    1. Porsche models before 2018 - press and hold the hazard switch to simulate the accelerator being pressed and held
    2. Some Audi / VW / SEAT / Skoda / Bentley - if the accelerator does not work use the high-beam flash (pull towards the driver)
    3. Some post 2017 Range Rover / Land Rover / Jaguar - if the accelerator does not work use the high-beam flash (pull towards the driver)
  4. On vehicle that use the accelerator as part of the disarm sequence you must move step 3 (press and hold accelerator) to the end of the disarm code repeat.
  5. Ignition is defined at when all the instrument lamps turn on and back off and the car is fully active. On some vehicles it this might take 2 presses of the start button without your foot on the clutch or brake.

Fully fitted at your premises (inc VAT)



0800 9179611
01296 688766

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