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Ghost-II Immobiliser Plus Smartrack S5

£798.00 fully fitted inc VAT, plus subscription. save £80

Ghost-II Immobiliser

The Ghost immobiliser is a next generation immobiliser that is programmed to the vehicles electronic profile and connects through the CAN-bus or Lin-bus data system to immobilise the car.


A unique changeable Pin code is set, at installation using buttons, Steering wheel controls and switches and is entered to switch off the Ghost and allow the car to start.

There are no visible or traceable parts making the Ghost a completely covert Installation.

The Ghost immobiliser protects your car from key cloning, hacking and key theft.


SmarTrack S5 D-iD

The SmartTrack S5 D-iD tracker meets the Thatcham Security Certification requirements and uses Driver recognition as confirmation that the vehicle is being driven by an authorised driver. If the vehicle moves and no recognition is detected an alert is sent to the Global Telemetrics secure operating centre, who will contact you or any approved contacts on your account to confirm the status of your vehicle.

The SmartTrack Range of S5 Thatcham approved vehicle Trackers offers 2 choices in driver recognition detection, a part of the criteria required for Thatcham S5 vehicle tracking approval. Remote immobilisation option controlled by the secure operating centre available for most vehicles *additional subscriptions apply*

Subscriptions Monthly £13.99
1 Year £159.00
2 years £269.00
3 Years £369.00
Duration of Ownership £649.00
Subscriptions are taken by Smartrack

0800 9179611
01296 688766

About Mobile Systems

Mobilesystems is a Thatcham Recognised installation company, with many years experience installing a variety of in-car systems and tracking devices.We carry out mobile installations and have a wide customer base that includes private customers, main dealers and fleet operators.