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ScorpionTrack S5+ (with Immobilisation)

OUR PRICE £479.00

Fully fitted, inc VAT.
Plus Subscription*

The ScorpionTrack S5+ is a Thatcham and insurance S5 approved vehicle tracking system.

ScorpionTrak S5+ has the same basic features as the Scorpion S5 using a Driver ID tag with the addition of vehicle immobilisation, this operates as a no tag no start system.

The vehicle is immobilised after the engine is turned off and disarms when the ID tag is present. ‘’no tag no start’.

*1st year subscription taken by Mobile Systems, subsequent years taken by ScorpionTrack
  • Insurance approved – Thatcham category 5 & S5
  • Remote immobilisation as standard
  • Driver Recognition tags included with “no tag, no start” technology
  • Use Smartphone app as driver recognition (optional)
  • Journey history, geofence alerts & driver behaviour analysis

0800 9179611
01296 688766

About Mobile Systems

Mobilesystems is a Thatcham Recognised installation company, with many years experience installing a variety of in-car systems and tracking devices.We carry out mobile installations and have a wide customer base that includes private customers, main dealers and fleet operators.